Things to do in town

Brest : Downtown, castle, fortifications, the National Maritime Museum, the Marina, the botanical garden Stang Alar ...

The largest city in the Finistère, Brest seduces you with its attractions (the commercial harbor, the National Maritime Museum, the castle), but also dynamic and invigorating atmosphere: thanks to its hilly terrain, you can enjoy more panoramic view of the city, ports or residential areas ...

Brest is a city where you can walk along the parks and squares (Siam, Freedom, Saint-Michel, Jaurès ...) or along the streets ... (the city has a street layout to the U.S. legacy of the reconstruction 1945) until you find what you are looking for:

  • Siam Street and bars,
  • The commercial port and cafes,
  • Recouvrance and drawbridge,
  • The valley Stang Alar and the botanical national park with unique species world,
  • Jean Jaurès street and shops,
  • Liberté Square with monumental plaza and constructivist architecture (classified "historical monument")


Explore Brest in your way !