The islands of Breton coast

See the tip of Bretagne from hotel de la corniche

Discover the tip of Bretagne and its islands, you walk in Iroise in the Natural Marine Park, see the seals, dolphins ... We take care of your reservations and tickets.


Discover the islands off the western coast of Brittany, in the Mer d’Iroise (The Iroise Sea):

  • Ouessant, he largest and wildest island. The ferry check at Brest, Le Conquet or Lanildut.
  • Molène, off the Pointe Saint-Mathieu, in the Goëmoniers archipelago. (“Goëmoniers” means seaweed harvesters).The ferry check at Brest or, Le Conquet.
  • The Ile de Sein is located in the south, 8 km from the Pointe du Raz. The ferry check at Brest. No Possibility booking from the hotel.


Navigate in Iroise Sea and discover the Natural Marine Park:

  • Guided tour of Molène archipelago, commented trip in the heart of Iroise Marine Park. Check at Le Conquet
  • Tour on semi-rigid boat in the nature reserve of the Iroise Marine Park. Observation seals, runners, fauna and flora of Molene archipelago. Boat of 12 people, reservations subject to availability